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freddy nock high wire artist.


Freddy Nock, internationally known as one of the world's best high-wire artist, seeks the ultimate challenge for body and mind in his stunts. His motto is: "The Sky is the Limit". Freddy is always pushing the limits upwards and is an absolute exceptional talent as a high wire artist. No skyscraper, no mountain and no lake is safe from him.
With his high wire stunt world record attempt, currently postponed until 2024, at a height of between 5,000 and 10,000 meters above sea level, Nock is once again setting new standards in his discipline. His stunts never fail to captivate his fans and the public.
Freddy Nock offers beside the extreme high wire stunts and high wire world records also show acts for television, City festivals, company anniversaries etc.. 

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Freddy Nock Hige wire Artist High wire Stunts

Welcome to the world of extremes!

Freddy Nock Wheel of Death, Show act
High wire artist extremely sportsman and popular speaker

In addition, he gives courses and trainings for balance training and balance feeling - or lectures on important life questions, e.g. "How to deal with fear?" Or, about "Keeping your balance", or "Behavior in extreme situations".

EXTREME high wire artist


Freddy Nock News & Events

Freddy Nock OCtober 2021

550th anniversary of the Basel Autumn Fair with church service in the cathedral

Enter Freddy Nock; 550 years of the Basel Autumn Fair service in Münster, October 2021
Enter Freddy Nock; 550 years of the Basel Autumn Fair service in Münster, October 2021
Auftritt Freddy Nock; 550 Jahre Basler Herbstmesse Gottesdienst Münster, Oktober 2021
Enter Freddy Nock; 550 years of the Basel Autumn Fair service in Münster, October 2021


The celebration of the 550th anniversary of the Basel Autumn Fair took place in the presence of President Guy Parmelin as well as local celebrities and many showmen in the cathedral, with an ecumenical service. 


Framed by speeches, music and shows, Freddy Nock demonstrated his artistic and daredevil skills on the high wire as well as his entertaining game with the thrill of the spectators. The subsequent small course and balancing act with a young girl, demonstrated the joy and involvement of the entire population in the festive and extraordinary autumn fair celebration.

Freddy Nock Instagram Feed

Countless stories have already been written about Freddy Nock, and the latest ones can be found here. Fascinating adventures in the rugged and inhospitable regions of the Alps, world records that make his fans tremble, as well as upcoming events, news and background reports. Keep up to date and visit Freddy Nock in one of his daredevil performances high above the skies.


Mission accomplished

For the extreme artist is fact: The Sky is the Limit! This is proven by his countless world records,

championship titles and his numerous entries in the Guinness Book of Records. He achieved a true masterpiece in 2011 with his series "7 Records in 7 Days": Within a week, Freddy set records one after the other in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The chronology of his records shows the consistency and extreme focus of his work over the past twenty years.

high wire records

Latest world record from June 23, 2020



3 records in one day on the cable car of the Glacier 3000

1 - Freddy Nock
walks in a slope of 39,1 degrees - 40 meters walked - in a height of 110 meters

2 - Freddy Nock 
Bicycle with the Farad of 367 meters of dangers -at a height of175,5 meters

3 - Freddy Nock 
with a light tight helmet Completely blind over the rope at a height of175,5 rope length of151,1 meters. 

Bernhard Tschannen & the whole team of the Glacier 3000
(technical management)

Kurt von Siebenthal & Philippe Moineaux


The Sky is the Limit.

Chronology of the numerous records

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