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Freddy Nock Hige Wire Artist

Trainer & Referent

Besides his high wire stunts in his supreme discipline as a high wire artist, Freddy Nock also offers courses, trainings for children, teenagers and adults for balance, body training, body control and concentration. In addition, adult continuing education and lectures on topics in the areas of: Overcoming Fears, Body Control and Taking Risks.

Balance Training mit Freddy Nock

balance training

Freddy Nock offers balance training and special balance training in continuing education courses or workshops for children, teens and adults to learn technique as well as practice balance, concentration, agility and body control. 

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Presentations / corporate events with integrated show

Freddy Nock also likes to lecture on difficult life topics, which he knows particularly well through his profession as an artist and always record-breaking stunts, or extreme life situations. For example: "Positive and negative emotions", "Taking risks and dares", about "Ability to concentrate" or how to "overcome fears" etc.

Short presentations with integrated high wire show; and/or practical balance exercises can also be integrated very well and successfully at a company event as a surprising performance, for example with the company boss.

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