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Freddy Nock High Wire Artist

show acts 

Freddy Nock's bag of tricks is big. In addition to his supreme discipline as a high-wire artist, the high wire extreme, he has performed a number of spectacular stunts in the past. He has professionalized some of them over the years and performs them in his world-famous shows, including his daring, modern high wire shows and spectacular show acts in the motorcycle sphere or in the wheel of death.

Highwire Extreme Hochseil Artist


Freddy Nock offers international, extreme show acts on the high wire at spectacular locations in the Alps, cities or over lakes. Awarded as a high wire artist with all world records.


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Balloon 2021


World record attempt Freddy Nock balloon act at 5000 to 7000 m above sea level.

In 2024, there will be a new world record attempt by Freddy Nock that will surpass all previous ones.

Freddy Nock will balance without a belay on a high-wire traverse, which will take place at a height of 5,000 to 7,000 meters. An absolutely extreme thrill stunt.

Test Run Video:
Video Trailer China 2014:

Freddy Nock and Junior Leo are absolute exceptional talents.

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Hochseil Show Act Freddy Nock

high wire SHOW ACT

Show performances on the high wire are offered by Freddy Nock solo or in pairs: e.g. at city festivals, company anniversaries, special events, show acts for film, video and television - outdoor or indoor.

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Motorradkugel Freddy Nock

globe of death

Performances and stunts with the motorcycle in a steel sphere of 4.90 diameter, with one or more motorcyclists.

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Spectacular, fast-paced shows and stunts with two artists in and on a 360° rotating axle with two wheels.

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