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Freddy Nock tests the special construction under a hot air balloon.

At yesterday's test run for his latest world record attempt, Freddy Nock invited some representatives of the press to participate in this test. Freddy Nock wants to balance next year 2024 in about 5000m height over a special construction, which is attached under a hot air balloon.

He wants to cross the 16-meter-long traverse while balancing on a tube about 4 cm thick. Also with a bamboo bicycle and also totally blind.

In order to test the behavior of the construction in connection with the hot air balloon, the hot air balloon was inflated yesterday on a meadow in Uerkheim.

In order to perform the test in a controlled manner at a low altitude of about 5-6 meters, the hot air balloon was attached with ropes to the trailer coupling of 2 cars.

The hot air balloon is stationary, but sudden gusts of wind could exert an enormous force on the balloon as well as on the attachments.

The best condition for this is no wind.

Freddy Nock was able to test his construction by balancing on it with a balancing pole, as well as with the bamboo bicycle from drehmoment-bikes.

The construction proved to be absolutely suitable for this world record attempt. So technically nothing stands in the way of the world record attempt.

Like my son Leo Freddy Nock Junior the eighth generation of the Nock dynastyis an exceptional talent worldwide.

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